"Oh, Inverted World" is a thirteen part web series created by Terence Krey and Moviefilm Productions, released in 2010-11. It was later re-cut and re-released as a feature film in 2012.

Mina (Pamela Bell), misanthropic college grad returns home to her small town with her three bearded best friends (Christian Nilsson, Terence Krey, Alex Longo) only to find that… it sucks.

As Mina and The Bearded Three try to cope with the monotony of being home and the fear of what to do next, a strange woman, Selene (Krystel Bua), comes to them with an even stranger prophecy: the Moon is going to fall into the Earth.

Oh, Inverted World -3- there's a low moon caught in your tangles

The third episode of "Oh, Inverted World"

Selene arrives at the Mare Tranquillitatis and confronts Mina about the prophecy of the moon and the destiny of the Bearded Three. And Douchey McGee arrives to fuck shit up.




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